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Sign Up to Participate! The T3 Project aims to send five annual cohorts of sixty (60) K-8 educators and school leaders from the participating districts to a summer workshop through the University of Rochester. The second cohort of participants will attend virtually in the summer of 2022. These workshops will be followed up with brief check-ins throughout the year.

The first cohort had a ton of fun! The chance to get to know & collaborate with the educational community from across the greater Southern Tier of New York is such a great way to share our experiences and support one another.
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2022-23 Flyer
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Participant Responsibilities
  • Actively participate in a virtual summer institute that is equivalent to 3 full days of instruction. This institute will take place online with both live synchronous sessions and flexible asynchronous components.
  • Actively participate in a mentor-supported Professional Learning Community (PLC) during the school year to help with the design, development, and implementation of a digitally-rich learning experience for their students. These occur in seven monthly 90-minute Zoom sessions spread throughout the school year (August to February) to share experiences, gain relevant knowledge, and support the preparation of shared materials.
  • For a selection of these digitally-rich learning activities, prepare materials to be shared with other teachers online.
PD Structure and Dates
Event Description Date(s) Required
Summer Institute (SI) A 3-day equivalent virtual SI, including three 2.5-hour Zoom sessions and 10-11 hours of asynchronous work (w/ feedback).
PLCs will be launched during this summer institute.

equivilant to 17.5 hours of PD
AUG 01 1:00 pm----3:30 pm
AUG 09 1:00 pm----3:30 pm
AUG 11 1:00 pm----3:30 pm
Monthly Zoom sessions Seven 1.5-hour Zoom sessions (each including breakout time for PLCs)

10.5 hours total
AUG 25 4:00 pm----05:30 pm
SEP 22 4:00 pm----05:30 pm
OCT 20 4:00 pm----05:30 pm
NOV 17 4:00 pm----05:30 pm
DEC 08 4:00 pm----05:30 pm
JAN 12 4:00 pm----05:30 pm
FEB 09 4:00 pm----05:30 pm
Final Showcase Zoom event One extended 2-hour Zoom session. This session will provide an opportunity for each PLC to showcase the online instructional materials they created and get some preliminary feedback before making them public.
MAR 09 4:00 pm----6:00 pm
PLC Expectations
  • Each PLC will be expected to design, implement and then refined a set of classroom learning experiences that, when taken as a whole, will demonstrate their skills in using each of the targeted teaching practices, as well as in designing digitally-rich lessons to support specific NYS learning standards. Lesson plans for a subset of these learning experiences will be shared across districts on k12digital.org and/or BOCES' websites by the end of the program.

  • PLCs will be formed as much as possible based on similar teaching assignments. Each PLC will have opportunities to get to know each other and begin to work together during the summer institute; dedicated time to collaboratively plan the first of these experiences, as well as to develop a year-long agenda for their PLC, will be provided during the last day of the Summer Institute. Throughout the school year, each participant will also be expected to work individually on the planning and implementation of additional sets of digitally-rich lessons, leveraging the support of other members of their PLC as well as their mentor. The monthly Zoom meetings will provide more structured opportunities to share and get feedback on the work done.